Hello Webster Grove Classical Conversations!

{All orders are due by Monday, October 16th at midnight!}

I was honored to photograph all of your adorable kiddos! We had a ton of fun and captured some smiles, smirks, timid, and precocious faces. This page serves as a resource for you for viewing and ordering your child(ren)’s photos. Please read all the information on this page and if you still have questions, please contact me using the Contact link in the top toolbar of my website.

How do I view my child(ren)’s photos?

  • Click on the “View School Photos” button at the bottom of this page
  • Enter your email address – this is used only in the event I need to contact you about your order
  • Click the “Open Gallery” button
  • Locate your child(ren)’s class
  • Find your child(ren)’s last name and click to open the gallery
  • Remember, there is a separate gallery for sibling photos

How do I order prints/digital files?

You can order prints as well as digital files right from the gallery. I have created a short video of the ordering process, see video below.

** Also, if you chose to purchase digital files and you want me to retouch your image(s), you will receive the unretouched images immediately (I can’t stop my proofing website from sending them automatically). Don’t worry, I will resend you the images you purchased once I have retouched them.

When are orders due?

All orders are due by Monday, October 16th at midnight! I have to be firm about this deadline! I do this because I order all the prints at the same time to keep costs low. After this date, I will not be able to process any print orders but you may still order digital files.

How many images will I have to choose from?

This is a difficult question. I work hard to elicit a variety of expressions from each child during our time together. Some kiddos are more outgoing and give me lots of different expressions, some are more reserved. This is why you will see some kiddos have more photos in their gallery than others. I include as many images as I can in each gallery. I want you to choose which photos you purchase, not me.

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