Turning Three is So Fun! | St. Louis Family Photographer

I can’t believe this little guy is turning three! Like so many of my wonderful clients, I have photographed this family many times and gotten to watch {B} grow up in front of my eyes. The first time I met him, he was about 9 months old. {B}’s mom worked with my hubby at the time and I was just starting out and needed some people who weren’t my kiddos to practice on. This sweet family volunteered and I am so glad!

Just a few months after that first session, we met again for {B}’s 1st Birthday shoot. He wasn’t walking yet but we got quite a few sweet shots of him. His beautiful eyes were so fun to focus on.

Our next session was for {B}’s 2nd Birthday – are you noticing a pattern yet? This year he could not only walk, he could run and he made sure to show me just how fast! He wasn’t interested in getting his photo taken, he wanted to explore. I spent most of that session following him around trying to engage him so that I could get just a few to commemorate his 2nd Birthday. He made me work for it but we were successful!

So, for this year’s session, I didn’t know what to expect, three years old are very unpredictable! {B}’s birthday is in January so we always have to chose a location where we can be indoors so this limits us a bit. Even though he was a busy guy during the session, he also seemed to know just when to look at me and smile! He has such a sweet personality and I think we captured that more this year.

I am so glad {B}’s parents were brave enough a few years ago to take a risk on an inexperienced photographer. I treasure this family and hope to keep up with them for years to come!

Mother and son looking at camera - St. Louis Photography

Young boy looking at camera - St. Louis Photographer

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