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This past Sunday, my boys and I spent the day at their TaeKwonDo tournament. They have been involved in TaeKwonDo for 3 years and they love it. I love many things about it too: it’s a sport that they participate in all year long, it teaches them respect and discipline, AND I don’t have to sit outside when it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold (it is all about my comfort… right?).

They each participated in 4 events; forms, breaking (as in board breaking), high jump, and foam sword fighting. At the end of the day, we brought home several medals each and one pretty big trophy.

I want to apologize in advance for the overshare of photos. I am using this post to share photos with out-of-town family members! We had a great day and can’t wait for the next tournament!

boys ready to begin competing | st louis family photography

young boy performing martial arts | kirkwood family photographer

boys receiving medals | st louis family photographer

boys bowing before competing | st louis kids photography

boy performing taekwondo form | kirkwood children's photographer

boys bowing to judge after match | st louis photographer

boy preparing to break board | st louis family photography

boys bowing to judges at tournament | st louis photography

two boys kneeling watching competition | st louis family photographer

boy breaking board at tournament | st louis children's photography

boys receiving medals at tournament | kirkwood photographer

two kids with trophies | kirkwood children's photographer

boy with foam helmet | st louis photographer

young boy with foam helmet | st louis family photography

brothers discussing fighting strategy | st louis portraits

two boys bowing before sword fighting | st. louis children's photographer

two boys fighting with swords | st louis family photographer

two boys with foam swords | kirkwood photographer

two boys with foam swords crossed | st louis photographer

two boys ready to start foam sword fighting | st louis photos

two boys with medals | st. louis kids photographer

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