He’s A Ninja | Kirkwood Children’s Photographer

He’s a Ninja! My boys have been taking TaeKwonDo for 2 1/2 years thru Willow Martial Arts and they love it! Recently, my 7 year old tested for his next belt before moving into the Advanced Adult class (adult class… at 7 years old… makes me a bit scared). It was so fun to watch him work toward this goal.

The test started with a few basic moves. I love the focus on his face while he was demonstrating his punches.St. Louis Photographer - boy demonstrating TaeKwonDo

More punches and a high block.St. Louis Photographer - boy demonstrating TaeKwonDo

Next up, a demonstration of some of the kicks he has learned as well as performing his first three forms.St. Louis Photographer - boy demonstrating TaeKwonDo

Lastly, he had to demonstrate some timing drills with one of his instructors who is a black belt. Unfortunately, no one in his class is his size so his instructor had to get on his knees!St. Louis Photographer - Ninja07jpgSt. Louis Photographer - Ninja06

Well, he passed his test – sadly, I didn’t get any photos of him with his new belt on – it’s yellow with a white stipe down the middle. He did such a great job. He is now in the adult class with his older brother and dad. I am glad he loves it so much.

I’ll keep you posted about the next step in his ninja training!