St Louis Newborn Photographer | Introducing Jaden

If you are keeping up with my blog (and why would’t you), you might have noticed all the newborn babies. Late winter/early spring in St. Louis typically isn’t conducive to outdoor family/kiddo photo sessions. So my calendar has been full of sweet, squishy, snuggly babies. Tough job, I know!

So for today’s installment, I would love to introduce you to Jaden. This precious little guy is the first baby of my sweet friends, Lisa and Matt. Lisa is the daughter of a very special friend of mine. I am blessed by both of their friendships.

I squeezed this session in the day before leaving for 12 days in Ireland – photos to come! Nothing says “I’m about to leave the country for almost 2 weeks” like spending more than 5 hours with a sweet baby and sweet friends – thank goodness I was almost packed.

We started the session with some photos of the new family of three. Lisa and Matt’s townhouse is so cute, Lisa is very creative and she shows off her talents in her decorating.


We also decided to take some photos of Jaden in his room, mainly because it was so cute but also because he still wasn’t asleep so we could take the sweet posed photos. I have to admit that taking these photos made me a bit teary eyed. Jaden’s “new” crib was the crib my husband and I bought when we were pregnant with my oldest and was the crib all three of my children slept in as babies/kiddos. It was so sweet to see it’s new life in the home of friends who will cherish it. Maybe I can come visit it from time to time???


And we’re finally asleep… shhhhhh!


Now that’s a squishy face! Those lips… I mean… I even love the flaky skin on his hands…


Look at that red hair and that smile!


Once we got him into a good sleep, he was a great baby model. I love nakey shots!


Jaden comes from a long line of musicians/musical people. It just made sense to take a photo of Jaden’s first time sitting at a piano. I’m sure it won’t the the last time he sits on that piano bench.


Lastly, we had to get a photo of the blanket made just for Jaden. Handmade gifts are the best.


Jaden, I was so honored to be a small part of your first few days in this world. I look forward to watching you grow up – you have come amazing parents and grandparents.