The {J} Family | St. Louis Family Photography

Before I even start this post, I just want to clarify something. I love all the families I have the privilege to work with, however some families just have a little something special and the family in this post is one of those families.

First of all, these parents have 8 kiddos (7 kids and a son-in-law) – I thought my life was busy! However having such a big family isn’t what makes this group special – it’s what great kids (and young adults) they are.

We scheduled our session for the day before Thanksgiving due to kiddos being off at college and living in different states. The day turned out to be pretty chilly and cloudy – not ideal conditions for a photo shoot. In addition, when you have a family of this size, the session necessarily takes longer. Can I just tell you that these “kids” never complained – not once! They did everything I asked them to do and did so cheerfully. We had so much fun (as you will see in a minute).

I want to thank each and every one of you for such a great session! Your parents have done an outstanding job and I hope to do half as well with my own kiddos!

I know these parents were so excited to have all their kiddos in one place. I love big families! Check out big sister holding “little” brother’s hand. Swoon!Fall Family Photo - Faust Park

Siblings!!! Family Fall Photo in Faust Park

One more shot of the whole group.Family Fall Photos Faust Park

Mom really wanted photos of each kid individually. Taking photos of “kids” this age was such a nice break from the toddlers I am usually chasing after ;-).Family Fall Photos Faust Park

Family Fall Photos Faust Park

OK, I promised some fun photos… can you tell we were nearing the end of the session?Family Fall Photos Faust Park

Family Fall Photo Faust Park

Family Fall Photo Faust Park

And my personal favorite!Family Fall Photo Faust Park

Thank you J family for being such amazing clients. I had a blast with you!