Renewed Inspiration – Sweet {L} Family | Kirkwood Photographer

This family session has renewed my inspiration. I love photographing families. I love being able to turn all the complicated family dynamics into art. I see beauty in the way families connect with each other. The way a mom looks at her babies is inspirational to me. The way a little girl holds her daddy’s hand is worthy of commemorating.

As my photography business has grown, I have been so busy trying to make my photographs “perfect” and lost track of why I started photographing people to begin with. I have started to lose a little bit of my passion and inspiration.

Luckily for me, I signed up to take an online advanced family photography workshop this winter during my “slow” season. I didn’t know what a blessing in disguise this class would end up being. This course was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I have re-discovered my love of family interactions/connections/dynamics.

As the final assignment for this course, I had to photograph a family and concentrate on connection – this was right up my alley. I knew the perfect family and they happened to be available with very little notice. The weather that day was beautiful – 72 degrees in January, in St. Louis – miracle.

My volunteer family was an absolute dream to work with. First of all, they have four of the sweetest and most precious kiddos I have had the pleasure of working with. They were absolutely up for anything and were able to help me complete the vision I had for this “assignment”. I am forever in their debt for their willingness to help me out on such short notice and help me create some of my favorite images – ever! And, if anyone is interested, the instructor for my online course was very complimentary of this session and the connections we captured. Thanks L Family!

Overshare Warning – I am sharing a lot of photos!!!

Family of 6 standing under a tree | St. Louis Portraits

Mom holding daughter while they are looking at each other | St. Louis Family Photographer

Young boy hugging his mother. | Kirkwood Children's Photography

Mother and daughter holding hands | St. Louis Family Photographs

Family of 6 sitting in a field | St. Louis Photographer

Family of 6 sitting on ground acting goofy. | St. Louis Photographer

Young girl wearing pink glasses sitting with her family. | Kirkwood Photographer

Daddy with his four kids having fun. | St. Louis Family Photography

Father looking at young daughter and telling her a story | Kirkwood Kid's Photography

Young girl smiling looking at camera | Kirkwood Family Photographer

Father picking up young son in playful way | St. Louis Family Photography

Young girl holding father's hand | Kirkwood Photography

Young girl wearing pink glasses with her mouth open | St. Louis Children's Photography

Young boy wearing glasses looking at camera | Kirkwood Family Photographer

Husband and wife hugging | St. Louis Photographer

Family of 6 standing hugging | St. Louis Photographs


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