{Introducing} Fine Art School Portraits | St. Louis Photographer

Raise your hand if you love your kiddo’s school photos. No one… that’s what I thought. I can honestly say that I don’t think I liked any of my school photos and I certainly haven’t loved any of my children’s school photos. That is why I am so excited to announce my newest venture – Fine Art School Portraits.

What are Fine Art School Portraits you ask? Well, let me tell you a little about what they are and why I think you will love them! Fine Art School Portraits aim to create images of children that are much more personal and authentic. Instead of asking the child to smile, I interact with them in a way that allows them to relax. From there I am able to capture many different emotions: joy, laughter, shyness, sassiness, etc. I use a simple black background in order to eliminate any distractions and keep the focus on the child – timeless and simple. My goal is to create images of children that cause those that know them to think, “that’s exactly how that child laughs/smiles/looks.” My greatest joy is to capture the essence of each child I have the privilege of working with.

Basically, I want to reinvent what school photos look like. I want parents to have timeless, beautiful, authentic photos of their kiddos – every year!

Here’s the hard part – getting schools to buy into this new vision of what school photos could be. That’s where I could use all of your help! If your kiddo is in school and you would like their photos to look like the ones at the bottom of this post, I need you to contact me. I am currently contacting schools to offer my service but it would be much more impactful if I had parents who were my cheerleaders. Trust me, this isn’t easy for me to ask but I really am passionate about offering photos that parents will love. You can direct people here if you want them to get all the details.

Please take a look at the examples of what Fine Art School Portraits look like. Aren’t these so much better than those photos of kiddos who are giving their “fake smile” in front of that cheesy background?

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