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Fine Art School Portraits

What Are Fine Art School Portraits?

I think we have all seen traditional school photos of a child smiling in front of a cheesy backdrop. I don’t think I have ever seen one that I thought really captured who that child is. Fine Art School Portraits aim to create images of children that are much more personal and authentic.

Instead of asking the child to smile, I interact with them in a way that allows them to relax. From there I am able to capture many different emotions: joy, laughter, shyness, sassiness, etc. I use a simple black background in order to eliminate any distractions and keep the focus on the child – timeless and simple.

My goal is to create images of children that cause those that know them to think, “that’s exactly how that child laughs/smiles/looks.” My greatest joy is to capture the essence of each child I have the privilege of working with.

What services do you provide to schools?

I can provide services very similar to the large photography companies. Here is a list of some of my services:

  • Detailed PDF instructions that schools can send to parents about how to prepare for photo day
  • All the equipment and personnel needed to photograph the children on photo day
  • 2-5 images of each child presented in both color and black and white
  • Link to password-protected online ordering gallery
  • Detailed PDF instructions for parents outlining the ordering process and products available for purchase
  • High resolution digital files for school to use for yearbooks, website, advertising, school IDs, or any other use the school wishes
  • Staff members can also be photographed and will receive a discount on any print package
  • Custom services designed to meet the needs of each school

What are the benefits of Fine Art School Portraits vs. Traditional School Photos?

In my humble opinion, the benefits of Fine Art School Portraits over Traditional School Photos are numerous. Here are just a few:

  • More personalized experience – I spend more time with each child in order to ensure the most authentic expressions are captured
  • Parents choose which photos to order instead of having to order the one photo the photographer chose
  • More choices of products to purchase, including digital files, prints, and canvas gallery wraps

How many students can you accommodate?

I am able to accommodate schools with as many as 500 kids.

What are your prices like?

My prices are competitive and nothing is due from the parents up front. All profit is made from ordering. I offer packages as well as a-la-carte pricing. In addition, I donate 5% of my profits to the schools that I photograph.

When do you schedule school photos?

I work with each individual school to determine the best time of year for photographs.


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